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Temporary Adaptive PE Teacher
Various locations
Available immediately

Temporary Adaptive PE Teacher (January 2020-May 2020)

Education and Experience: Must have a Bachelor’s degree in health/physical education or a closely related field and be eligible for a LA teaching certification. A minimum of two years teaching experience preferred. Candidate must be certified by the Louisiana Department of Education as an Adapted Physical Education Teacher.  Certification must be maintained based on Louisiana Department of Education guidelines. Experience in and clear understanding in the areas of adapted physical education, nutrition, weight management, physical fitness required. Knowledge of the needs of physically restricted/intellectually challenged student also required.
Knowledge and Ability Requirements: Must possess ability to deliver integrated adapted physical education services to diverse and challenging populations. Candidate must be energetic, flexible, creative, innovative individual who can develop strengths-based, student-centered support plans which support learning for students. Ability to function as a member of a team is critical. Communication skills (both verbal and writing) also required. The ability to multitask, follow-through and work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team is required.
Duties and Responsibilities: This position is established to serve as part of a team of support for all students enrolled in a public school. It is expected that the Adapted Physical Education Teacher will fulfill the following:
  • Attend annual and re-evaluation meetings; serve as an equal member of the IEP team to determine eligibility for special education and create IEPs aligned to meet student needs; in rare cases of IEP meeting excusal/absence, the provider is required to provide a detailed description of the student’s progress and provide a written description to the Teacher-Case Manager within three (3) days of the IEP Team meeting.
  • Participate in IEP Team meeting for those students who are not making sufficient academic/behavior progress towards mastery of IEP goals.
  • Design the adapted physical education program so that it is consistent with the educational and clinical service delivery philosophy and goals of ReNEW. Work in coordination with other teachers and clinical staff in planning and developing the program.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of students served in the program. Prepare, implement and evaluate an annual educational plan for each student based on individually assessed needs and in accordance with IEP and ReNEW procedures.
  • Prepare lesson plans for each student. Provide appropriate schedules for students on caseload, involving school personnel as required.
  • Provide specialized instructional techniques through individual or group sessions designed to meet the educational needs of students.
  • Participate in the school level screening and identification process as appropriate.
  • Participate on evaluation teams for students as appropriate.
  • Implement self-care programs, including providing direct assistance to students as needed (e.g., toileting, positioning, lifting, etc.)
  • Cooperate with school and regional staff to coordinate services
  • Develop and conduct an in-service program to inform classroom teachers of the goals and objectives of adapted physical education and ways of achieving them in the school setting.
  • Consult with special education and classroom teachers concerning any educational needs of the students served in the program.
  • Complete reports for appropriate local, state, federal and ReNEW requirements as requested.
  • Refer those students who require further evaluation or re-evaluation follow-up services to the Special Education Coordinator.
  • Responsible for required documentation demonstrating the delivery of services using the electronic database specified by ReNEW Schools, such as SER and Accelify; also responsible for documenting parent communication and other data in required database specified by ReNEW Schools such as, School Runner, PowerSchool, etc.; completion of service logs, progress reports, IEPs, progress notes, Medicaid reimbursement forms, and any other paperwork designated by ReNEW Schools.
  • Responsible for filing required documentation (i.e, progress reports, IEPs, service logs, parent communication, etc.) in each student’s special education file by the filing deadline designated by the Director of Clinical Services. 

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