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3-8 Math Coach
Leadership Team
ReNEW SciTech Academy
Available immediately

ReNEW is seeking Math Coach candidates who will lead a team to create a solid foundation for the school’s academic program by providing students with educational activities and experiences that will enable them to fulfill ReNEW Schools’ mission.

Choice is Freedom!  At ReNEW, we ensure that students are academically and emotionally prepared to access the full range of life choices that are the fundamental right of every child in the city.


At ReNEW Schools, we expect our school leaders to:

  • Be goals-driven. With your school team, you will set clear and ambitious short-term and long-term goals to drive instruction and help your staff and students succeed, using the goals below based on the school’s grade level(s):

    • Elementary and Middle School (Grades 3-8): Prepare at least 75% of students to be college ready as measured by the grade-level appropriate LEAP or iLEAP test.  At least 75% of all students score at least a Basic or above, with at least 25% of all students achieving a Mastery or Advanced score.

  • Coach your staff and improve their performance. You will develop your leadership team members with accountability to expand their impact and prepare them for future roles. You will be responsible for ensuring all staff members are coached effectively and improve their performance through clear coaching visions, effective debriefs, and strong school-based professional development.

  • Hire and retain excellent staff. In collaboration with the Network Support Team, you will select, hire and retain excellent staff members.

  • Implement comprehensive, instructionally impactful and legally compliant Special Education and MTSS services. You will design and implement Special Education, English Language Learning and Multi-Tiered Support Services that positively impact students’ academic and behavioral growth, while meeting all aspects of IDEA, FAPE and other appropriate laws and recommendations.

  • Create a positive student and staff culture. You will build a school environment that reflects high expectations and a positive learning environment and ensure all stakeholders are clear on these expectations and are held accountable to them.

  • Be an instructional expert. You will ensure teachers plan rigorous, engaging, Common Core or GLE-aligned lessons and effectively execute them to ensure all students are working with content aligned to the appropriate standards for their subject and grade.

  • Use data all day, every day. You, your leadership team, and your teachers will assess qualitative and quantitative student data in order to draw insightful conclusions from it and adjust instruction as necessary.

  • Communicate and collaborate. You will be responsible for regularly communicating and collaborating with parents and staff to ensure each student is making strong academic and social progress. You will assume shared responsibility for all students’ success.

  • Be flexible and innovative: As we are a turnaround organization, you will be flexible in ensuring the strategies you implement best meet staff and students’ needs, and if not, adjust course. You will help invent, refine, and imagine practices and policies to successfully meet all our students’ and staffs’ needs.

  • Reflect. We believe that all staff can improve in meaningful, measureable, and significant ways through great coaching. To that end, you will view feedback as a tool to improve and will receive coaching to help prepare you and your staff and thus, your students, for greater success.

  • Be a constant learner. You will be aware of and regularly reflect on your own strengths and areas of development. You will regularly participate in differentiated professional development and will be solutions-oriented.

  • Celebrate. You will approach your work with joy and enthusiasm for the impact you will have on our community and students.

FLSA Classification: Exempt


  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's level degree preferred

  • At least five years of effective teaching experience in mathematics

  • At least two years of successful school leadership experience

At ReNEW, we believe our people are the key to our students’ success. We support our staff with a competitive compensation and benefits package, including a comprehensive benefits plan that covers the majority of the employee premium for the two medical plans offered. Other benefits include dental and vision plans, disability, life insurance, generous vacation time, professional development, and a 401k plan with 4% employer matching.

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