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Special Education Coordinator
Leadership Team
ReNEW Dolores T. Aaron Academy
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Special Education Coordinator (Instruction & Compliance)

ReNEW Schools is reinventing education in New Orleans by changing the status quo with innovative ways to prepare our students for college and beyond. We are transforming the city’s lowest performing schools by employing a whole-school turnaround model founded on the core belief that all children can learn.  

At ReNEW Schools, we expect our Special Education Coordinator (Compliance) to comprehensively co-lead their school-based special education program to maintain compliant, legal processes that facilitate student achievement and teacher development. The Compliance SEC does this by developing and leading a high-performing team of TCMs who are consistently coached and provided feedback to meet the outcomes of their roles. This role requires a keen eye for data analysis and the ability to work with multiple stakeholders on competing priorities on a daily basis. This role is critical to enhance  both individual student programs but the overall special education service delivery for ReNEW Schools. The Special Education Coordinator (Compliance) will report to their School Director & Director of Compliance.

At ReNEW Schools, we expect the Special Education Coordinator (Instruction & Compliance) to:

Drive and Maintain Compliant Systems

  • Ensures compliant special education files and tracks all relevant evaluations, and documents for all students with exceptionalities in partnership with Teacher Case Managers (TCMs).
  • Manages all student evaluation and individualized education plan (IEP) timelines.
  • Attend and ODR all Student Evaluation Plan (SEP) and IEP meetings.
  • Special Education Report System (SER) management:
    • Complete jurisdiction/records requests for all new students
    • Fulfill jurisdiction/records requests for all exiting/former students
    • Review and provide feedback on IEPs utilizing ReNEW’s Case Compliance Rubric
    • Finalize/submit all IEPs to SER
    • Run all students through SER (check names and UID #)
    • Pull and review SER reports [Draft + SER flag (in IEP forms), IEP management (in rosters), eval management (in rosters), IEP detail (in compliance), Eval detail (in compliance), Testing Accommodations (in IEP forms), Report of Services (in IEP forms)] monthly
    • Ensure TCMs have updated usernames/passwords
    • Ensure all service providers are accurate for each SWE on caseload
    • Add services with appropriate case manager at the start of the school year
    • Meet with nurse to action plan and ensure compliant health services; schedule monthly meetings through the school year
    • Meet with school psychologist to action plan and ensure compliant evaluations; schedule weekly meetings throughout the school year
    • Monitor and oversee monthly IEP Filing Deadlines including: initialed service logs, communication logs, behavior tracking (paychecks for 3-8, weekly reports PK-2, from BIP [if applicable]), SchoolRunner Progress Reports, STEP, F & P, etc.)
    • Create IEP files for new students, archive files of former students
    • Complete case compliance audits for all teacher case managers (TCMs) three times per year in Whetstone
    • Calendar IEP meetings for all SWEs for school year
    • Maintain and update SWE roster for reporting and monitoring
    • Monitor completion of quarterly progress reports for SWEs

Manage Complex Cases & Data Analysis

  • Coordinates and collects comprehensive data from multiple sources and convenes meeting as needed with most appropriate team members
  • Monitor behavior data of SWEs weekly (suspensions, minutes out of class)
  • Collaborate with Dean of Students on behavior incidents involving SWEs
  • Lead Manifestation Determination Review meetings for SWEs
  • Collaborate with school psychologist on unique student needs
  • Complete complex case analysis for challenging students requiring additional supports
  • Build calendar to include time to meet with: TCMs, SW/Cs, nurses, School Directors/Principals, Related Service Providers to monitor student progress, performance, compliance

Compliance/Data Reporting

  • Ensure current case managers and services are included in PowerSchool
  • Run ser_checked in Powerschool monthly to check for new students
  • Run IDEA Counted and not counted (continuously work on fixing all problems with specified cases that do not count as indicated on the ¨Not Counted¨ list); crosscheck counted and list in PowerSchool for October 1 and February 1 deadlines
  • Triangulate IDEA Counted/Not Counted with PowerSchool rosters
  • Complete and monitor SER/SIS and SIS/SER crosscheck
  • Ensure all SWEs are coded appropriately in PowerSchool (la_sped 1 or 2)
  • Ensure testing accommodations are appropriately coded and labeled in Powerschool
  • Provide monthly/quarterly report to School Director and Director of Compliance
  • Develop system to audit SPED files monthly; analyze trends and provide targeted feedback to improve files
  • Finalize updates in rosters for PowerSchool (testing accommodations, case managers, AAG, sped tier, related services, special transportation, wheelchair)

Drive Academic Outcomes for SWEs

  • Develop and coach on implementation of curriculum
  • Coaches, debriefs, and propels Teacher Case Manager (TCM) instructional and service delivery expertise to ensure academic and behavior progress of students with exceptionalities (SWEs)
  • Enhances both individual student programs and overall special education service delivery, drives improved academic and behavioral outcomes through collaboration with curriculum and data staff and coaching Teacher Case Managers to oversee benchmark and Present Levels of Performance testing and monitor data entry in a comprehensive special education-specific data tracking system (SchoolRunner).
  • Stays abreast of best practices, have familiarity with and can consult to Teacher Case Manager on the special education library of resources (SPED Intranet), and support Special Education Teacher Case Managers in providing progressive specialized instruction
  • Trains all staff on accommodations, modifications, and other special education best practices
  • Ensures data tracking and analysis of progress for all SWEs goals - academic, behavioral, and functional

Ensure Integrated Service Delivery

  • Schedules, coordinates and collects comprehensive data from multiple sources, and convenes Multidisciplinary Team, IEP, Intake, and MDR meetings in collaboration with Compliance Special Education Coordinator, Teacher Case Managers (TCMs), Pupil Appraisal Team Members, and related service providers.
  • Consults to TCMs in writing IEP goals that relate back to evaluation findings and determination of hours in special education based on student need
  • Drives special education instructional compliance with federal and state laws (completes and analyzes monthly reports and quarterly reports, individual student needs, monitors and provides feedback on expectations for analyzing academic and behavioral progress, monitors service log completion)
  • Collaborates and consults to related service providers with regard to program design and supports for specific student(s)
  • Consults to others on nuances of continuum and recommends supports and placement adjustments for student given specific needs at a given time

Instructional Reporting

  • Monitor IEP goal growth (academic and behavior) in SchoolRunner
  • Analyze data and action plan with TCMs on students academic and behavioral growth
  • Monthly review progress (behavior and academics) for SWEs and recommend adjustments of supports for students not making sufficient progress or those needing adjustments to programs
  • Monitor growth within universal screening systems (MAP, Unique Learning Systems, STEP)

Lead Special Education Team

  • Develop vision for Special Education at school level including goals and metrics
  • Maintain positive team culture through weekly team meetings
  • Develop and deliver ongoing PD throughout the school year.
  • Meet weekly/bi-monthly with TCMs so that they are able to successfully implement role expectations through a strong coaching relationship
  • Meet internal ReNEW reporting deadlines as outlined by Directors of Compliance & Special Education
  • Participate in ongoing professional development and collaboration facilitated by ReNEW’s Student Support Team

Partner with Leadership Team

  • Serve as member of school-based leadership team
  • Collaborate on best practices with LT regarding behavior intervention methods and school-based consequences
  • Share list of SWEs including gifted/talented and update as necessary
  • Maintain additional leadership team responsibilities as outlined by School Director

Advocacy for Students with Exceptionalities

  • Lead whole school professional development to cultivate SPED mindsets and provide strategies to general education staff
  • Maintain positive, collaborative relationships with faculty/staff in order to facilitate tough conversations about SWEs
  • Provides technical assistance for special and general education teachers on special education laws, case management functions, and complex case analysis and follow-up actions.
  • Propels inclusive best practices through partnership with small School Leadership teams.
  • Partner with community of special education coordinators to build a library of resources for SWEs in the network


In addition to the expectations listed above, you will bring the following to our schools and students:

  • Initiative & Persistence – Expect personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best. Has the drive and actions to set challenging goals and reach a high standard of performance despite barriers.
  • Strategic thinking & Vision – Able to see and communicate the big picture in an inspiring way to peers, internal and external stakeholders.
  • Developing Others – The ability to set clear expectations and to hold others accountable for performance. Influence with the specific intent to increase the short and long-term effectiveness of another person.
  • Collaboration – Seeks to establish positive, collaborative relationships and values all voices and appreciates the strengths of others. Reaches out to peers and cooperates with the school leadership team to establish an overall collaborative working relationships.
  • Work ethic – Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and produce significant output.
  • Organization – Plans, organizes, and schedules in an efficient, productive manner to focus on key priorities.
  • Analytical – Determines opportunities and trends through comprehensive analysis of current student performance trends.  
  • Constant Learning – Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.

Qualified candidates for the Special Education Coordinator role will possess a growth mindset – that is, the belief that all students are capable of making progress – and a history propelling the success of students with different learning needs.  Attention to detail, ability to analyze data, provide feedback to staff, advocate for all students, and build systems are essential. In addition, qualified candidates will demonstrate experience successfully managing a team of adults. Preference will be given to candidates with previous Special Education teaching experience, previous leadership experience, or candidates holding an M.Ed, MAT, or other advanced degree.


At ReNEW, we believe our people are the key to our students’ success. We support our staff with a competitive compensation and benefits package, including a comprehensive benefits plan that covers the majority of the employee premium for the two medical plans offered. Other benefits include dental and vision plans, disability, life insurance, generous vacation time, professional development, and a 401k plan with 4% employer matching.


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