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Intervention Coordinator
Leadership Team
ReNEW Accelerated High School
Available for the 2017-2018 School Year

At ReNEW Accelerated High School (RAHS), we expect our Intervention Coordinator, as a school-based member of the network’s Student Support Team, to facilitate Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) (formerly known as Response to Intervention, or RTI) and Section 504 processes, and the effective implementation of Tier One, Two and Three Academic and Behavior interventions across the building.  This role serves as a liaison between teachers, school leaders, and the network instructional team to ensure all aspects of Tier 1 supports for all students, Tier 2 supports for students needing targeted interventions, and Tier 3 supports for students needing intensive interventions, and all 504 processes occur efficiently with fidelity and accountability.  Specific responsibilities can be organized into three categories: data and assessment, intervention pathways and communication.  

The position is school-based and reports to the Dean of Academics, with support from the Special Education Coordinators. 

Choice is Freedom!  At ReNEW, we ensure that students are academically and emotionally prepared to access the full range of life choices that are the fundamental right of every child in the city.

At ReNEW Accelerated High School, we advocate for the fundamental freedom to determine the course of our own lives. By designing customizable learning paths that advance depth of knowledge, we develop everyone's ability to critically analyze challenging concepts without fear of failure. By building our ability to make well-reasoned and compassionate choices, we transform every interaction into an opportunity to advance our collective empowerment. We renew our commitment to innovate solutions to difficult problems. We renew our commitment to create a customized path rooted in the needs of each student. We renew our commitment to show love for each other and our communities.

At RAHS, we expect our Intervention Coordinator to:

Coordinate Intervention Pathways

  • Uses academic and behavioral data and recommended protocols to consult with teachers, identify and/or determine placement of students into intervention groups

  • Tier 1 Interventions:

    • Supports Instructional Team (Dean of Academics and Directors of Curriculum and Instruction) in gathering and analyzing data on effectiveness of Tier 1 instructional practices to support the needs of all students

    • Serves as a resource for the Instructional Team on the adjustment, revision, tracking and implementation of Tier 1 supports in all classrooms

  • Tier 2 Interventions:

    • Assists individual teachers and teams in defining the focus for each intervention group and planning intervention instruction for each group

    • Coordinates interventions training for teachers  on data analysis and action planning

    • Models effective intervention group instruction for teachers; pursues models when external assistance is needed

    • Observes teachers during intervention group instruction and provides feedback and coaching

    • Collaborates with teachers, Culture Team members and Mental Health Team to design and implement effective Tier 2 behavior interventions

  • Tier 3 Interventions:

    • Manages, develops and supports Americorps Team members in effective implementation of Tier 3 reading and math interventions

    • Identifies and tracks effectiveness of Tier 3 intervention tools and resources; identifies or creates new resources as needed

    • Collaborates with teachers, Culture Team members and Mental Health Team to design and implement effective Tier 3 behavior interventions

  • Manages intervention materials and other instructional equipment as needed

  • Support English Language Learner (ELL) team with effective design and implementation of LEPs

  • Coordinates accommodations for students with 504s and LEPs

Maintain Communication and Documentation around RTI and 504 processes

  • Facilitates weekly/bi-weekly School Based Level Committee (SBLC) team meetings to coordinate the MTSS and 504 processes

  • Ensures the MTSS referral process is completed as required to support special education or 504 evaluations when needed

  • Regularly communicates with all stakeholders (teachers, evaluators, parents, etc.) regarding 504 and MTSS process and status of identified students

  • Helps teachers implement appropriate supports for those in the MTSS process when they are in whole group settings

  • Coordinates referrals and serves as the liaison between all parties when evaluation is in process

  • Maintain building documentation and facilitate records requests for all students eligible under Section 504

  • Ensure the implementation all Section 504 policies and procedures in the building, including:

    • Determine appropriate Section 504 team composition and ensure team members participate in Section 504 eligibility meetings

    • Ensure parents are invited to eligibility meetings and participate in the team's eligibility decision making process

    • Facilitate Section 504 evaluations and develop Section 504 Individual Assessment Plans (IAPs)

    • Provide notice and rights to parents; document parental receipt of both

    • Distribute Section 504 IAPs to appropriate staff

    • Monitor the implementation of Section 504 IAPs

    • Schedule annual reviews of each Section 504 plan

    • Schedule periodic re-evaluations (every 3 years) of students eligible under Section 504

    • Ensure IAP moves with the student to the next grade level or new school, as needed

    • Advises the school administrators regarding discipline issues and procedures for Section 504 eligible students being considered for suspension or expulsion

    • Conduct manifestation determinations when required for eligible students

In addition to the expectations listed above, you will bring the following to our schools and students:
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • At least three years of experience working in education

  • Experience and success with historically under-served populations of high school students

  • The commitment and personal responsibility to do whatever it takes to help prepare our students for college and beyond

  • Clear understanding of what effective teaching and intervention looks like and a deep commitment to effective and rigorous instruction

  • The ability to track and analyze data to uncover trends and act strategically to improve results

  • Ability to communicate compelling feedback that motivates staff, impacts instruction and accelerates student achievement

  • Outstanding communication and teamwork skills, including the ability to collaborate, motivate and influence others to act, including excellence in coordinating with guardians and families

  • Experience with academic and behavior interventions, RTI/MTSS/SBLC coordination, high school reading/math remediation, and/or coordinating interventions is ideal. Previous experience as a former special education teacher or coordinator would be helpful.
At ReNEW, we believe our people are the key to our students’ success. We support our staff with a competitive compensation and benefits package, including a comprehensive benefits plan that covers the majority of the employee premium for the two medical plans offered. Other benefits include dental and vision plans, disability, life insurance, generous vacation time, professional development, and a 401k plan with 4% employer matching. For employees of Dolores T. Aaron Elementary, we offer the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) benefit instead of 401k.

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